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Barry Novick

Barry Novick Public Adjuster

After graduating from college, Barry was hired by a licensed Public Adjuster in 1976. He studied, passed the state exam and was issued a Public Adjuster Solicitor license to begin his career in the public adjusting field.

His job as a Public Adjuster Solicitor was to meet with property owners whose property had been damaged by fire and to explain the services offered by his employer; the Public Adjuster. Barry explained to prospective clients that his company works for the public, never the insurance companies. ln fact, they were the insurance company's friendly adversary.

During his training, while still a licensed Solicitor, Barry learned the importance of not only reading the insurance policies, but also understanding them. He was an avid student as his employer taught him "the ropes." This included how to prepare building damage estimates, personal property inventories and to understand adjusting principles such as depreciation and co-insurance.

Barry was taught to do whatever was in his power to assist their clients, even beyond the adjusting services. He learned that if he followed this advice, success would follow, which it has to this day. After only one year, Barry was given the opportunity to study for and become a Public Adjuster, which he did trading his Public Adjusting Solicitor license for his Public Adjuster license. As he continued to learn, he became proficient in not only documenting claims, but also negotiating favorable settlements from the insurance companies.

Barry and his brother broke out on their own and started Novick Adjustment Group. Together they grew into one of the major Public Adjusting firms in the Philadelphia metropolitan area growing into a company supporting 15 full-time adjusters, solicitors and support staff.

In 1982, the brothers parted ways and Barry went to work for his family's Wholesale Food Distribution business, Novick Brothers Corp. While working there, Barry continued to receive calls asking him to handle property claims from previous clients or their referrals; which he graciously declined. One of Barry's co-workers recommended him to the owner of a successful photography studio who had just experienced the upheaval from a severe fire loss. As before he explained he was no longer an adjuster, but the owner pleaded for his help. Barry relented and adjusted the studio's claim to a successful conclusion.

A short time later, Barry started his second Public Adjusting firm, this time as its sole owner and Accu- Claim Public Adjusters was born. In just several years, his new company grew from sharing office space in NE Philadelphia to occupying a 6 room office suite in a busy business campus in Warminster, PA. Accu-Claim Public Adjusters was now representing clients from Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks counties as well as down the Jersey shore and up to the Pocono Mountains. At this point Barry had personally represented over one thousand clients.

Barry currently resides in Huntingdon Valley with his wife of 18 years and their two young mini-dachshunds, Joey and Chloe. He is an avid gardener, especially proud of his organically grown asparagus.

Barry is a "people person" and continues to enjoy meeting and working for all kinds of clients from all lifestyles. He continues to represent the everyday person when they have to go up against the all-powerful and impersonal insurance companies.

Barry is looking forward to meeting with you, your family, friends and neighbors.

Public Adjuster License - 5 Dec 1988

Accu-Claim is deemed to be trustworthy and competent to transact business as a Public Adjuster in such manner as to safeguard the interests of the public, in the adjustment of claims for losses or damage arising under policies of Property and Casualty insurance.

Public Adjuster License - 5 Dec 1988

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