Mike Moffa owns Moffa Studios in South Philadelphia.  He was quite popular in South Philadelphia.  He has been in business for more than 25 years and one of the most popular and sought after studios.  He was a portrait and wedding photographer creating many video tapes for his many customers.  He specialized in Italian style weddings including some well connected ones.
The first time I represented Mike, he had a fire in his studio  In fact I had left the Public Adjusting business for a short time. When he contacted me through someone he knew and told me about his problem, which was severe, I tried to explain that I was no longer working as a Public Adjuster.  I had gone to work in my family’s Wholesale food business.  I told him if he wanted some tomatoes I could help him, but as a claims adjuster I had to decline.  He kept calling telling me he did not trust his insurance company OR the Public Adjusters who drove up while the free was still burning.
After a while, I agreed to meet him at the destroyed studio and to offer any suggestions I could to him.  When I drove up and saw the second floor windows all broken out and boarded as well as the large blue tarp protecting the hole in the roof, I realized he had not been exaggerating.  There was damage from the roof down through the second floor offices, through his beautiful showroom and offices and into his lower level professional studio.  Everywhere I looked I saw thousands of water  soaked negatives (before digital cameras) as well as many wedding albums waiting for customers who had gotten married recently.  In other words, a nightmare to him but someone who needed all kinds of help to me.  He had to find a temporary store front, buy or lease professional photograph equipment as well as the unbelievable amount of labor it would take to pack up and try to salvage what he could for his customers.
After seeing what a pickle he was in I agreed to handle his claim and started that same day.  Not only was Michael able to get back in business in record amount of time, the settlement which was substantial was enough for him purchase all new equipment, supplies and cameras.  He had been leasing this location for many years and had enough after paying my fee, purchasing everything he needed and purchased his own photo studio building a few blocks away.  Needless to say, he was very happy with both the service and settlement amounts.
A few years later when our area was hit with some very violent and strong winds, his new location’s roof was ripped off and he experienced severe water damage that affected much of his property.  Although the damage was heavy, it was nowhere as bad as the fire loss he suffered a few years previously.  By this time, I had left the family’s business and re-entered the Public Adjusting business and chose the name Accu-Claim Adjustment.

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Annette owns a jewelry store in Ardmore, PA with a few spots in fashion forward women’s boutique stores.  Her store was damaged after a pipe in between the second and first floor burst and damaged a section of her storefront which had been decorated with vintage furniture, clothing, showcases and of course, vintage jewelry.  The place was a mess and within an hour I had my water extraction and restoration experts pulling out wet carpeting while they placed industrial sized dehumidifiers and fans throughout the property to start the important drying process to ensure it would not become a new home for mold and mildew.  By the end of the following week she was re-opened and many of her customers were not aware there had been and still was damage here and there.
Annette’s husband is a partner in several women’s clothing shops; the Knit Wit and Plage T’hiti to name two in this area.  One of the show trucks, filled with thousands of dollars worth of samples and stock was involved in an accident several states away requiring immediate servicing in order to save the contents of their van.  The van was worth over $100,000. The special policy was written especially for this vehicle with many exclusions and conditions that would affect the insurance settlement.  It was challenging and interesting. Just as “every picture tells a story, so do many claims.  I have hundreds of stories gleaned from many good people about their experience dealing with the sudden interruption of their normal life by a catastrophe (to them) as well as their experience with the treatment or mistreatment from their insurance company.

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