Accu-Claim Public Adjusters Services

Free Damage Inspection

We provide free damage inspection for your property, and will conduct a thorough inspection to ascertain the extent of your property damage. More importantly, we will attempt to determine the cause of your property damage, which is key to understanding how to file your claim and the extent to which your damages will be covered. We go beyond the visible damage, often finding “hidden damages” in walls, above ceilings and under floors that others may overlook.


Review Policy

We will review your insurance policy to determine what coverages are included for your claim. There are many types of insurance policies, and most contain “endorsements” and “exclusions.” These items, which policyholders are often unaware of, can change your policy and, ultimately, the reimbursement for claims you submit. More often than not, your insurance company may have only provided your entire policy during your first year of coverage. They may have only sent you the Declarations Page in subsequent years, without attaching the endorsements and exclusions. Because these items can change your policy and affect the outcome of your claim, you need an experienced and knowledgeable Public Adjuster working on your behalf throughout the entire process.


Report Claim

You might ask yourself why you would want Accu-Claim Public Adjusters to report your claim rather than just doing it yourself? We will report your claim directly to the Claims Department at your insurance company rather than through your local agent or broker, who may delay processing your claim or even try to dissuade you from filing at all. Your policy provides specific ways to report a claim. How your claim is filed, in terms of the cause and description of the damage, may make the difference between your claim being denied or accepted. The use and definitions of the many words can vary from their ordinary meaning. A room that has water damage from a broken pipe might be described to the agent or insurance company as, “our room is flooded with water.” Water damage caused by flooding is specifically excluded from all homeowner policies, so this type of description could result in a denial from your insurance company.


Photograph Damages

Accu-Claim Public Adjusters takes the appropriate photographs needed to document your claim, as well as the cause of your loss. With the popularity of smart phones and digital cameras, many clients offer the photographs they have taken to assist in evaluating their claim. As important as it is to provide the correct photos, it is equally important to know which photos should not be taken and given to the insurance company. People tend to concentrate their photographs on the most obvious areas of damages, taking multiple photos of the same damaged area while ignoring smaller and less obvious areas of damage. lt is critical that all photographs taken document the total damage, while directly corresponding with estimates in order to properly document and process your claim.

Structural Damage Repairs

In all cases, Accu-Claim Public Adjusters provides computerized estimates with costs adjusted for your geographic area, rather than a one-price fits all pricing that could greatly undervalue your claim. Our estimates are detailed, utilizing a “square foot” determination rather than a “time and materials” process. Although contractors and builders are faced with the reality of time and materials, the manner in which we prepare estimates are best in terms of determining the true value of your insurance settlement. Our detailed estimates are written room by room, item by item and in a way that will easily allow you to see and understand every item we are claiming on your behalf.


Personal Property Inventory

Insurance companies and your policy will generally require that you provide a detailed inventory of what personal property was damaged, such as clothing, furniture, appliances and the like. They require a description, age, price, brand and model numbers, in addition to copies of receipts, invoices or other proof of purchase and value. We have prepared hundreds of personal property inventories and, as a result of our experience, will put together the required inventory with pricing and descriptions that ultimately benefit you and maximize your reimbursement.


Inspection with Company Adjuster

Although every facet of your claim is important, this one is perhaps the most important. Accu-Claim Public Adjusters will not schedule any appointments with your insurance company’s adjuster before we are properly prepared and ready to show the damages to your property. We will meet the adjuster to inspect your damages, as well as provide them with copies of our estimates, inventories and photographs. ln this way, they will see and evaluate your property damages from our perspective, and leave with the detailed claims documentation we have prepared for their use in formulating an initial settlement offer.


Negotiate and Settle Claim with Insurance Company

The first settlement offer you receive is not necessarily the best. Accu-Claim Public Adjusters will negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you receive the most favorable settlement possible. There are several factors such as depreciation, co-insurance and policy deductibles that will have a large impact on the final settlement of your claim. Accu-Claim Public Adjusters’ fees are determined by the actual amount your insurance company will pay you after any and all deductions. We always take into consideration and work to ensure that there is enough money to properly complete all repairs and replace all of your property even after deducting our fees.

Many of Accu-Claim Public Adjusters's clients have come by way of recommendation, which is the backbone of any successful service business. Since the early 1990's it has always been our goal to negotiate settlements which more than justify our fees. This is why all of our efforts are to work for you, our valued client. Contact us to learn more about the public adjuster services we offer.

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