Now that the winter winds and snow covered yards have passed it is time to look to the Spring and the important protection of our largest investment, our homes. In order to get an overview of the general condition of our property there are some observations and maintenance that beg our attention.

It starts with the exterior inspection of the roof, chimneys, exterior walls, the foundation and openings made by windows and doors.

A closer inspection and maintenance turns to the interior where seasonal and general cleaning of such items as ceiling fans, draperies, blinds, as well as the air conditioning and HVAC systems similar to the maintenance that was performed on the heater and furnace during the Fall maintenance schedule.

The interior inspection would continue with the attic and basement followed by inspections of leaks and openings in walls.

The final inspection area for Spring is the outdoors including the lawn, deck and patios and the furniture and grills upon them.

Please check this blog periodically as we provide the seasonal steps which are important in protecting and enjoying the many features of our homes in order to protect the key features of our property throughout the year and how the seasons challenge the integrity of our homes.

Todays installment is to take the all important exterior inspection starting with the roof. I am not recommending climbing the roof as that is a job for a roofer. As you walk around the grounds using binoculars if helpful look for missing or lifted shingles or flashings. Take note of the gutters and downspouts for damage and discoloration which might be signs of damage to water removal. Roofs are not water proof, only water resistant and will not protect the interior if water does not run off of drain properly.

Inspect gutters and downspouts and look for damages to them and that they are positioned where they belong. Be certain that the end opening is wide open and not compressed which could impede the proper drainage. Inspect the hanging gutters to be certain water flowing off the roof ends up in the gutter and downspout not miss therefore landing on the lawn or patio damaging the slope or concrete.

The next area we should inspect as part of our Spring maintenance schedule we will discuss will be chimneys. P