When a property loss occurs, consumers generally believe that all they have to do is to report the matter to their insurance company and from there on everything will be taken care of. It will come as a shock to those people that insurance companies, in most cases deny to pay for the insurance claim on the grounds that the policy does not cover certain damages.

Property insurance is a written contract that has been drawn as a policy between the two parties and covers the terms and conditions in detail. The average insured person, however well educated, rarely reads the insurance policy at the time when it was drawn. Perchance, the consumer reads the insurance policy, he hardly finds any claims spelled out in terms that he could comprehend. Thus, a public adjuster can come to your rescue. The job for an explanation of the policy along with rights, roles and obligation falls upon him.

Public Adjuster | Philadelphia, PA

A public adjuster is a professional claims adjuster who represents the policy holder and negotiates on insurance claim on behalf of the claimant. Public adjusters are given license by the state department of insurance and during the insurance claim process, have legal rights to advocate the rights of an insured. A claimant can benefit greatly by the public adjuster in the case when the insurer will likely pay, but there is an issue of proper valuation of the loss and identification of the property damage.

A licensed public adjuster will perform many tasks on your behalf and will make sure that you win the claim for the damages to your property. The claim adjuster is proficient and well read and can easily comprehend the insurance policies and identify what coverage may be applicable to the claim. Since they are experienced in their field, so they can perform a detailed inspection of your building and properties and find the apparent and hidden damages both. They will then be able to evaluate the extent of damages and determine the value for settling those damages.

A public insurance adjuster will also on your behalf, prepare the document and gather all the evidences that will support your claim. They will represent the insured and comes to a settlement with the insurance company. If in case, a discrepancy is found after the settlement, they will reopen the case and negotiate for more money.

The claim adjuster usually relieves the policy holder to engage in an adversarial role against the large insurance company corporations. They take the stress away and helps the company and individual to expedite their claims and obtain claim recovery more quickly. They clarify and legally interpret the terms of policies and help the insured to better understand their insurance policy.