You’re in the car with your family after a wonderful night out at the movies. You and your wife smile at each other as the kids argue in the backseat about which character was the coolest. As you turn onto your street, the smiles suddenly disappear. There are police cars redirecting traffic and, in the middle of the block, you suddenly see the lights from the fire engines. As you inch your way down the street, you come to the heart-dropping realization that it is your house that has caught fire. Your mind starts racing. How bad is the damage? Can the house be saved? What about your possessions and valuables? What are you going to do? Where are you going to stay? Who can you call to help?

In situations like these, your first instinct will probably be to call your insurance company. That first instinct, however, may not be the right instinct.

Having property insurance gives home owners, a sense of security that, if fire or other types of damage strike, their insurance company will provide them with help and the best possible settlement as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always have the policy holder’s best interest in mind.

Why You Need Help – IMMEDIATELY

Insurance companies make it your responsibility to protect your home from further damage. They also expect you to secure your possessions and valuables, as well as fend for yourself when it comes to finding temporary housing, clothing and meals for you and your family. Often times, you will be expected to pay for all of these items out of your own pocket, waiting for reimbursement until your claim is settled.

Whether a home or business owner, the days, weeks and sometimes months following a loss can be stressful, and that’s before you have to begin dealing with your insurance company. Suddenly you find yourself reading through your policy to understand your coverage, deductibles and what exclusions apply, filing claim forms and putting together detailed inventory appraisals and property valuations in order to justify your settlement.

Sure, your insurance company is obligated to designate an insurance adjuster to help you throughout the claims process. However, what people often ignore is that the insurance adjuster is working on behalf of the insurance company and has their best interest in mind. In the end, the goal of your insurance adjuster is to save them money.

Why Hiring a Public Adjuster is Your Best Option

Dealing with the issues that the damage to your property has caused will be overwhelming. Hiring a Public Adjuster like Barry Novick and Accu-Claim Adjustment will help with you deal with the problems you are facing, as well as ensure you get the best possible treatment and settlement from your insurance company.

Barry Novick and his Accu-Claim Adjustments team are available 24/7, 365. They have contacts with reputable, experienced companies that will first make sure that your property is safe and secure. They will work with you to get access to whatever property and valuables can be saved, immediately removing them to a safe location. They will help you find a place to live, whether for a day, weeks or months. They will make sure your family has clothing and all of life’s necessities. And they will do so often without the need for you to reach into your pocket because the companies they work with usually wait until your claim is paid before they need to to be paid.

Most importantly, a professional like Barry Novick will immediately contact your insurance company, and work quickly to get your claim filed, the damages photographed and assessed and estimates and inventories submitted so you can get your settlement as quickly and hassle free as possible.

Here’s hoping you never have to face fire, water, wind or criminal damage to your home or business. When you do, remember, a call to a Public Adjuster like Barry Novick and Accu-Claim Adjustment can be your best and safest move.